Delivery Team

Mod Le Froy. Mod has worked in the private, public and voluntary sectors. Mod is passionate about achieving sustained personal and social change through outdoor experiential education and co-created Shifting Horizons CIC. She’s a qualified Forest School Leader, Coach Mentor, and Teacher in the Lifelong Learning Sector. Outside of her work at SH CIC she also works as a Youth Worker for the Hayle Youth Project and is currently studying and training to be a spa therapist.

Peaira Hussain.  PERSONAL STATEMENT: My name is Peaira and I love teaching in the outdoors.I have over 25 years of teaching experience in various settings – Primary School, nurture group, Pupil Referral unit and outdoor environments including the woods and the local beaches of Penwith. My hobbies include gardening – I have an allotment – looking after my pet dog and chickens and walking around our inspirational environment.

I love my job as a Forest School Leader . I love the opportunity of being a co-adventurer and co-discoverer .Its not always ‘playing games’ and lighting fires. It can be challenging in thinking how to move someone out of ‘a rut ‘,to listen and support a youngster sobbing when they remember their dead parent. To help a young person to try and understand why they feel so angry. I feel privileged that our environment can support those moments of frustration, fun and freedom for us all.

Sarah Van Horn. Sarah has been in the education sector for 27 years. She trained as a science teacher and has worked in inner city comprehensives in Manchester and London.  She moved back to Cornwall to take up the position of managing the local Pupil Referral Unit for excluded children. It was in this setting that she began to see the benefits of outdoor interventions and how they could enable positive behavioural change. She took a short career break, trained as a Forest School leader and helped develop Shifting Horizons CIC.


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