Shifting Horizons Ecominds Early Intervention Mentoring Programme

This was a year long project which ran academic year 2012 / 2013.

Project outline

The Beach School intervention project was agreed between GB Boardriders CIC and a local Academy School.

The project was academically evaluated by the European Centre for Environment and Human Health.

The ECEHH conducted a Psycho Social Study to look at the long term benefits of the project. These results are documented in the film [also on this page].

Staff from the Academy and academics will be available to discuss the impacts of the programme to the public in the future.

The project is funded mainly by ECOMINDS (Mind) plus a top up contribution from the Academy.

Project start date : November 8th 2012

Project model

36 pupils in the intervention group took part in Beach School
36 pupils in the control group did not take part in Beach School

The 36 intervention pupils consisted of 6 groups of 6 students

Each group of 6 contained 4 / 5 year 8 pupils and 1 / 2 year 9 pupils, ‘buddies’.

The buddies were trained in 2 groups and received 7 mentor training sessions each. Total 14.

The 24 younger students were split into 6 groups and were joined by 2 buddies.
Each group [6 groups] received 7 Beach School half day sessions (3 hours) every other week . Total 42 sessions.

Total number of sessions delivered – 14 sessions [buddies] + 42 sessions = 56 sessions.

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