Godolphin Shifting Horizons Heritage and Conservation Project

This project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Heritage Lottery Fund

The project aimed to engage disadvantaged young people with the Heritage of the Godolphin Estate in West Cornwall. We wanted to work with young people who had not transitioned well from primary to secondary school in order to build their confidence and improve their behaviour. In addition the National Trust as our partner needed to increase its engagement with children and young people.

We planned and delivered the project in 3 parts: Forest School to include conservation activities and artist workshops, research investigations into the Heritage of Godolphin, and a further Forest School phase to include sharing their experiences with the wider community.

The young people gained a variety of skills, and shared these skills with others, leading to them achieving a John Muir Award. The young people learned more about the Heritage of Godolphin through their conservation activities, a research project with National Trust staff, and art workshops.

As a result of their involvement and achievements we saw a positive impact on their engagement with school.

We also saw an increased range of people engaging with Godolphin as a result of the project. The legacy we left was in the form of a an outdoor shelter for future groups of young people to enjoy.