Here & Now

We continue to work with local primary and secondary schools on a range of programmes.

We currently deliver Forest School programmes with St Erth, St Marys COE and Pensans Primary School.

We also deliver 1:1 mentoring interventions within Cape Cornwall School.

We recently completed a year long Forest School journey with six lucky children from St Erth which was funded by The Ernest Cook Trust- coming soon in PROJECTS.

We have also ¬†just finished a Beach/Forest School programme with an art focus for children from St Mary’s COE Primary which was funded by the Cornwall Foundation- coming soon in PROJECTS.

We are starting an exciting new pilot project  funded by the Cornwall Foundation working with local primary and secondary schools. This project will run from June to October and will support local children in their transition from Year 6 to Year 7. These children have been identified as needing additional support at this important time in their development.



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